Smith's Bar: A Memorial

Hello everyone! Have you ever heard a bit of news that made you sad because of your emotional attachment to the subject? Well, I just found out that one of my favorite places to play in New York City, Smith's Bar on W.44th Street and 8th Avenue, is closing its doors permanently this Thursday. When I think of Smith's, my mind goes back to the days when friends like the late great Eric Smith, the Human Jukebox (his musical memory for cover songs was astounding), would play and sing with Joey Lodes, the best guitarist I know, and they would call themselves the Beatle Brothers. I remember singing to crowds from all over the world and even meeting a beautiful Irish woman with whom I became seriously involved at one point; I remember playing with Tom Riccobono and singing" You've Got a Friend" with Mark West on bass and me on acoustic guitar singing a duet; I remember flirting with some of the most beautiful bartenders in the city; boy, do I feel sad now. Places like Smith's Bar do not just spring up and become special; they are nurtured by a loving community that believes in making visitors feel special and welcomed.I'll never forget those days and Smith's Bar will always hold a special place in my heart. BKT:)

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