Sneak Peek #2

Hello again! I have a new sneak peek for you to hear from my upcoming album, Time is the River. The CD will be available on June 7th which is only a few weeks away! The song I decided to feature here this time is called Mister Reeves which is based on a real-life figure from the Old West. In fact, he was the first African-American appointed as a Deputy Marshal in this country and soon became the most successful lawman with over 3,000 arrests to his record, surpassing even Wyatt Earp's. Listen to the song in the MUSIC section here to find out more about this fascinating man who was the REAL Lone Ranger! I worked very hard on writing, arranging, and producing it as well as the whole album. Enjoy! BKT :)

The Bitter End Club

Hi! I'm performing at the Bitter End in NYC close to 8PM. I'll probably do a song from my upcoming new album, "Time is the River", singing and accompanying myself on guitar. This is my favorite venue and I'm planning to do a set down the line there this year. Please come down and check me out if you want to meet me in person. I'd really appreciate it! BKT

Back from Germany

Hi! I just got back from Germany and had a wonderful time playing at the Bergbrau Stube in Karlsruhe; so many people showed up and I can't tell you how honored I was to pay for my German fans! Lat Thursday, the upcoming new single, "Unconditional Love," was featured on Byron Brown's "Retro Gospel Radio" show on the Internet. It's not a Gospel song per se, but the lyrics I wrote could be interpreted in a spiritual way. I was also honored to be chosen to be among the artists who were played on that show. There is so much more to come! BKT

Album Update and Single

The first single, soon TBD, will be released on my birthday, April 26th. The entire CD will be dropped on June 7th and will be available on all major digital outlets including Apple iTunes and Amazon Music! :)

Sneak Peek

Hello! As promised, I have included a sneak peek of the new album. The single, "Unconditional Love" is at the bottom of the introductory page of the website. Take a listen! :)

Upcoming Performances

Hi! I'm looking forward to playing the Bitter End this Wednesday evening and performing tracks from my latest CD, "Time is the River" in Karlsruhe, Germany on Saturday evening! It has become a nice tradition to perform at the Bergbrau Stube whenever I have new material that is ready to be released. Quite a blessing! BKT :) 

Time is the River

Hello! The website is back and not only that, it is new and improved! My new album, "Time is the River," will be officially available on April 26th, which is my birthday! I am so excited to share my new music with all of you! It took me a year to write the songs and over a year to record, mix, and master them! This project is definitely a labor of love! BKT :)

New Chapter

Hello! The last string session went very well! My old friend, the wonderful Lorenza Ponce, came by and laid down some truly beautiful violin tracks for me. There were just stunning! I have to thank her, Claudia Chopek, Zsaz Rutkowski, and Andie Tanning for the great job they did last night with the strings. It all sounds great! Now all I have to work on is final edits, a few background vocals, and I'm done after the next session! BKT

Close to the Finish Line

Hello! I'm happy to report that the CD will finish production in mid-December. I can't believe how fast the year has gone by! I want to give a shout-out to Claudia Chopek, Zsaz Rutkowski. Andie Tanning, and Gary Schreiner for their invaluable input into my music. I look forward to working with you all again soon! :) BKT

Turning Around an Important Corner

Hello! Most of the drums are done! I'm recording two new songs for the album on my next session which will make 12 songs in total. I know that artists are not making full albums like they used to, but I guess I'm a little old-fashioned. I BELIEVE in albums. They are one of the last bastions of old-school recording which I think is still the BEST school :). BKT

Vocals Nearly Complete

Hello, my friends! Most of the lead and background vocals have been recorded for the new album and I'm excited to advance to the next step starting this Sunday which is to start inviting outside musicians for their input. This is always an important step for me because it broadens the scope of my vision for the project. As usual, I'm pleasantly surprised at what new musicians bring to the table. It's always healthy to have ideas independent to your own so that the album has the best possible results. During the next few months, drums, brass, and strings will be my focus and I can't wait! :) BKT

Crossing the Finish Line

A New Phase is About to Begin

Getting Closer

New Vocals Tomorrow

Songwriters Hall of Fame Performance 2001


Birthday Session

Two Months Already! :)

Week Seven

Making Progress!

A New Recording Begins!

Happy New Year!

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