The new album, The Spirit Road," is FINISHED! Today marks the ending of the post-production phase. Stay tuned for news about the first single, release dates, performances, etc. The beautiful journey is not over, but just beginning

Almost finished production!

Hi! My new album should be finished by the end of June! BKT

Huge Progress on the New Album

Hello! Here is the latest update on my upcoming new album, “The Spirit Road”: we are about five big sessions away from finishing production before post-production!! I can't wait for you to hear all the new songs this year :) BKT

End of the Year

Hello! We are almost at the end of the year and I want to thank my friends, family, and fans for making 2023 such an outstanding year for me! It looks like the  new album will take much longer to make than I expected , so I'm pushing the release ahead to the summer. If I don't have the chance to post a new blog here, I want to wish everyone and your families a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year! :)BKT

BAss Reeves

Hello! I am so happy that people are finally taking notice of Bass Reeves who was the first Black United States Deputy Marshal with the mini-series premiering tonight and the recent “CBS This Morning” segment about him. I wrote “Mr. Reeves” two years ago and it is one of the songs of which I am most proud. It is also noted by historians that he was the template for the fictional “Lone Ranger” character. It was my hope when I released the song that in some marginal way, I could tell the public about him musically. If you haven't heard the song, check it out on this link:


The Spirit Road

Hey everybody! I've decided NOT to call the new album, “Potter's Wheel” but use that title as a follow up EP instead. The new album will be called “The Spirit Road.” Work is still being done on the project and I am beginning the scoring process starting with the horn section. I'm really pleased with the way everything is turning out and it is my wish that when it is finally released next year, you will enjoy it. Take care and look out for more updates. In the meantime, if you haven't by now, please pick up a copy of my current album, “Time is the River,” which has, to date, received over 164,000 Spotify streams! Take care! :)BKT

New Album Release Month

Hello! I just wanted to give you an update on the new album: I plan to release it next February! Keep on the lookout for more updates! BKT

Potter's Wheel Album continued

Hello, my friends! I had to take a hiatus from recording because of some personal issues, but I am BACK! Next Saturday, I am embarking on a marathon session but on this album, I have A LOT to say. I'll start scoring for strings, woodwinds, and brass in September and I can't wait for you to hear the new material. By now, it's apparent to me this album will be, BY FAR, my most introspective, and soul-searching album, because I have been through a lot, both good and bad, this year, and as always, I want to share with my fans around the world, my thoughts, feelings, opinions, and most of all, as always, my HEART. I love you all!

BKT :)

More News about the new album

Hi again! I'm happy to report that the new album is moving along wonderfully. 8 songs have already completed the pre-production phase and three more will be worked on. It may take me the rest of the year to complete, but I am diligent in my task :). Keep coming back for more news! BKT

The Potter's Wheel

New Album being written

Happy New Year!

Many Thanks!

Rockwood Music Hall Show

That Jazz Show

The day is almost here!

Over 20,000 Spotify Streams!


The New Album is Here!

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Album Release

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Back from Germany

Album Update and Single

Sneak Peek

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Time is the River

New Chapter

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Turning Around an Important Corner

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Getting Closer

New Vocals Tomorrow

Songwriters Hall of Fame Performance 2001


Birthday Session

Two Months Already! :)

Week Seven

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A New Recording Begins!

Happy New Year!

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