Two Songs Away

Hey there! I'm only two songs away from completing my vision for the next album. I know, I know... why quantify it? Well, I have some ideas that coincide with this project and I'm thinking with my heart as well as my brain, so I have to follow...keep posted!  Once this COVID crisis gets more under control here in my country, then work will begin! I've worked on my Keyboard workstation incessantly , so a lot of the tracks are ready for transfer and augmentation in the studio with my wonderful engineer, Timothy Phillips! :)Thanks for visiting! BKT :)

Songwriting Progress

Hello! Thank you for once again coming to my website! The songs for the new album, "Time is the River" are almost completely written! I'm very anxious to start recording the songs once the pandemic is under control and more things are in order.However, I'm pleased to say that everything looks and sounds good so far! As always, I'll keep you posted with more information! BKT :)

Justice for Mr. George Floyd!

My heart is heavy over, what I feel, is the public and brutal execution of Mr. George Floyd, an African-American man who now has a grieving and angry family. This is not about politics or partisanship; it's about the difference between right and wrong. Nothing Mr. Floyd did warranted his murder by police not matter what he allegedly did. As an African American, I have always felt that the wheels of justice and racial equality have rolled at a snail's pace for Brown and Black people because of a system that is still rusted by past and present prejudices.  Now we have to work for a brighter future.We have to be our own leaders instead of relying so heavily on governmental intervention. I do not support anarchy, but I am proud of Americans and people around the world who are peacefully protesting Mr. Floyd's untimely passing and the consistent racial targeting of minorities. The time to demand change is now more than ever! Let's all be leaders for change in a peaceful, yet productive way!

More Writing

Hello! I hope that you are all safe and healthy during this worldwide crisis.I know that cabin fever can definitely be a factor as well! I've been keeping busy writing songs for the new album I plan to start recording once things start getting back to normal. Who knows when that will happen, but I have faith that sometime this year, we will start resuming a semblance of normalcy.

In the meantime, my health, family, friends, and creativity are my priorities. I am writing like I did in my teens: profusely! In fact, I had to develop a system of keeping up with my new ideas so that none of them would be lost. There are, indeed, new songs that are already written but I'm having fun coming up with new content! I want to thank my fans and friends, past and present, who have always been behind me and my creative vision of writing the best songs I could. Keep coming back because there is so much more to come! Stay safe and healthy! BKT :)

Coronavirus Pandemic

Hello my friends! I hope that you are healthy and safe during these difficult times. This horrible pandemic, needless to say, has crippled the world as we know it. For musicians, as an example, it has forced us to re-evaluate how we communicate with our fans and the public in general. I want to encourage you to support the arts at this time by listening to artists, known and especially unknown, by virtue of your favorite social media platforms. Now, more than ever, we need your love and support. I pray for all of the families afflicted by COVID-19 and my heartfelt condolences for those who have lost loved ones because of it. We will all get through this pandemic by listening to the medical professionals who know best, and not by politics. Our individual faiths, whether they fall under Christianity, Judaism, Islam, or any other religion, should also be the pillars of our strength. However, our differences do not outweigh the importance of being united as a world community. God bless you all! :) BKT

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