Vocals Nearly Complete

Hello, my friends! Most of the lead and background vocals have been recorded for the new album and I'm excited to advance to the next step starting this Sunday which is to start inviting outside musicians for their input. This is always an important step for me because it broadens the scope of my vision for the project. As usual, I'm pleasantly surprised at what new musicians bring to the table. It's always healthy to have ideas independent to your own so that the album has the best possible results. During the next few months, drums, brass, and strings will be my focus and I can't wait! :) BKT

A New Phase is About to Begin

Hello!  I just wanted to give you an update for the album project! Next week, I will compete basic lead and backgrounds vocals which will bring me to the next stage of production. I can't believe how fast the time goes! We are already past the middle of the year! Everything is going smoothly and I can't praise my wonderful friend and engineer, Timothy Phillips enough for helping me make my dream come true. Keep coming back for more content because I have plenty to share with you! BKT

Getting Closer

Hey gang! The vocal studio session was great yesterday! I accomplished everything I set out to do pretty much. I even added a new guitar to one of the songs. The project is progressing beautifully. I would estimate that 60% of it is finished. For the next few months, I will now concentrate on getting the orchestral instruments recorded like brass and string sections as well as solo instruments that I won't play like flute of violin. I always look forward to this part of the process because I am curious about what others can contribute to my music. Okay, thanks for coming and I'll see you soon! BKT :)

New Vocals Tomorrow

Hello everyone! Progress will continue on my new project, "Time is the River" with an emphasis on new vocals. This month will push me further towards completing the album which will have 11 songs on it. I'm looking forward to heading back to my element! Also, I hope you liked the video I included of a past performance of mine at the Songwriters Hall of Fame. It was such an honor to have been chosen to participate and perform with other independent artists! Take care and I'll see you next time!:) BKT

Songwriters Hall of Fame Performance 2001


Hello everyone! This month, I'm taking time off to not only write more scores for the string section and brass, but it is also a good time to reflect on what I've done so far. The new album is halfway done! I definitely can see the benefit of recording parts at home and then bringing them to the studio! It saves time and money.All of the keyboards are done and most of the guitar work; a mandolin part was done (my first time playing it in a recording session); some vocals are already recorded; the time for the orchestral parts has arrived. Hearing a string session for the first time on one of me songs is always one of my favorite parts in the whole process. The "Time is the River" album is close to being born :).BKT

Birthday Session

Time definitely flies! I had the time of my life recording on my birthday which was this past Monday! It also marked the end of another phase in the creation of this new album. The keyboards and basses are done as well as the acoustic guitars. I've added mandolin and electric guitars which should be finished by the next session. Also, it's time for lead vocals already and the addition of outside musicians. Overall, the project is going beyond my expectations! There is still a lot of work to be done, but the target time for its completion is before the end of the summer. Keep coming back for more news and content! BKT :)

Two Months Already! :)

Hello again! Week 8 just passed for recording the new project and I added some bass parts as well as recorded some scratch vocals. It has been a year since I vocalized anywhere because of the pandemic, so it felt great getting back on the saddle again! This week is Easter week, so we won't be in the studio until next week, so it's a good time to reflect on the progress made so far. Two months went by so quickly! I'm looking forward to the next two months and the new studio adventures they will bring! Have a great Easter, Passover,  and stay safe and healthy! BKT :)

Week Seven

Hey there! It's now Week Seven into working on the new album. I took two weeks off just to recharge my batteries and have a clear head. The project is progressing very well (even quicker than I thought!). I'll start laying down some vocals this Saturday. During the last session, I laid down a mandolin part to accompany some guitars I already recorded. It was the first time I ever did that! Anyway, I'll keep you update about when the first single will drop! Have a good and healthy week! :)BKT

Making Progress!

Hello! The new recording is heading towards its 4th week now and it's going even better than I planned! I did all of the pre-production at my house, so all I needed to do was bring all of my tracks to the studio and took it from there! I think I'm going to record this way from now on :). It has never been easier to be a DIY artist than now:). By next month, I should be ready to start bringing in my musician friends to augment the sound. Keep coming back for more content! BKT :)

A New Recording Begins!

Well, the recording of the new album. "Time is the River," is underway! Work began this past Friday at my favorite studio and with my favorite engineer, Timothy Phillips. I was able to do pre-production at home and bring it to the studio which saved a lot of time! In fact, I already have the basic foundation for FIVE songs that are ready for overdubs and editing! There will be 12 songs at the most on the record (I STILL call them records! ). For those of you who are familiar with my music to a large extent, I promise you a totally different kind of album. The songs were written last year and I can't wait for you all to hear them! BKT :)

Happy New Year!

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