Making Progress!

Hello! The new recording is heading towards its 4th week now and it's going even better than I planned! I did all of the pre-production at my house, so all I needed to do was bring all of my tracks to the studio and took it from there! I think I'm going to record this way from now on :). It has never been easier to be a DIY artist than now:). By next month, I should be ready to start bringing in my musician friends to augment the sound. Keep coming back for more content! BKT :)

A New Recording Begins!

Well, the recording of the new album. "Time is the River," is underway! Work began this past Friday at my favorite studio and with my favorite engineer, Timothy Phillips. I was able to do pre-production at home and bring it to the studio which saved a lot of time! In fact, I already have the basic foundation for FIVE songs that are ready for overdubs and editing! There will be 12 songs at the most on the record (I STILL call them records! ). For those of you who are familiar with my music to a large extent, I promise you a totally different kind of album. The songs were written last year and I can't wait for you all to hear them! BKT :)

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Thank goodness that 2020 is OVER! I think it was a hard year for everyone! Now that we have moved on, we can start defeating this virus with common sense, science, and above all, NO politics! I start recording the new project at the end of the month and I couldn't be more excited! Keep coming back for updates, surprises, and more content! BKT:)

Latest Update

Hello! Thanks for coming to my website! The work on my new musical recording, "Time is the River," will begin on January 29th! I'm really looking forward to finally putting together the new (can I call it a CD anymore?) project! I'll keep you posted on its progress step by step. A new album is always exciting for me because it usually begins a new chapter in my life. Take care, be safe in this pandemic that is still going around, and I'll see you soon! BKT :) 

Update on New CD

Hello! Sorry for the delay! I've been busy writing and re-writing new material. I think you'll be pleased with the "Time is the River" CD when it is released next year! I plan to go back to the studio sometime in February (provided that we have a better handling of COVID-19). AS always, I'll keep you posted with new content every month! Take care! BKT :)

Post Interview

Hi gang! I was very pleased with the interview on Curb Radio with the great Mark A. Jordan. He was a fabulous interviewer and I really felt comfortable talking to him about my music.In fact, it inspired me to write even MORE music. I'm enjoying a wellspring of ideas and songs, but I don't want to talk about it too much for fear of jinxing the process! Anyway, I hope all are well and safe during these turbulent times. I look forward to going back to the studio next year. I'm sure that it will be a rather unique experience in our COVID world. If there are any artists that are reading this blog, I want to encourage you to maintain your craft, be safe, and never let go of your vision and dreams! BKT


I've finished writing the new album! Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus, I have to delay recording until it's safer to head into a studio. But in the meantime, there is always room for more writing and arranging new material!I've enjoyed a wonderful writing spree and I can't seem to get enough!:) I'm not going to talk about it too much for fear of jinxing myself, but I'm grateful that the new songs are at least written. As always, I'll continue to give you updates! Stay safe and healthy everyone! BKT :)

Two Songs Away

Hey there! I'm only two songs away from completing my vision for the next album. I know, I know... why quantify it? Well, I have some ideas that coincide with this project and I'm thinking with my heart as well as my brain, so I have to follow...keep posted!  Once this COVID crisis gets more under control here in my country, then work will begin! I've worked on my Keyboard workstation incessantly , so a lot of the tracks are ready for transfer and augmentation in the studio with my wonderful engineer, Timothy Phillips! :)Thanks for visiting! BKT :)

Songwriting Progress

Hello! Thank you for once again coming to my website! The songs for the new album, "Time is the River" are almost completely written! I'm very anxious to start recording the songs once the pandemic is under control and more things are in order.However, I'm pleased to say that everything looks and sounds good so far! As always, I'll keep you posted with more information! BKT :)

More Writing

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