Gig and Recording Update

Hey everybody! I just came from playing a set of my songs in a pub called"The Bleeding Horse";it was one of the most rewarding performance experiences of my life! Being the adventurous soul that I am, I looked into the open mic situation in Dublin after a fellow musician told me about this place just to get back into performing mode. Normally in an open mic, a performer would only be allowed to play 2 songs, but the crowd was so wonderful, they asked me to play 5! There would have been a sixth one, but the place had to close. This is one of those kind of experiences to remember! I feel truly blessed to have been received so well. As for the recording, I had to delay it for a week because I am still just getting over a really bad cold I had but I am 98% back to normal. I want to be PERFECT for this EP I am planning to record! So take care and I promise to deliver that blog on Music as Literature I promised you!BKT:)

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