Does any artist truly like getting reviewed?

I read my first review of my CD, "The Raven Trail," and of course, I have mixed feelings. Of course, it is probably any artist's wish for people to like everything that is in one's work, but that is, unfortunately, an impossible task. I smiled and winced at some of the things that were said about my music (even though the CD can be considered a past work since it was released last year) and it only reminded me that I consider songs to be my children especially since I don't have any biological ones of my own. Overall, I was pleased with the review which stated that there was some good writing, production, and musicianship all around. As for new material, I have a treat for you who have stuck with me through thick and thin: I wrote a new song for my girlfriend's birthday and I will include it in the website very soon. It's the beginning of a new project that I will be working on throughout the year into the next one and it will be unlike anything I've ever done before. Most of the music is already written.For the current CD, check out the review with this link:

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