Behind the Songs Pt.3

Hello again! This week, I'd like to talk a little about the song, "She Doesn't Know It." I wanted to start the album with this song because I thought that it would be a nice start to the project since it's one of my earlier songs.Of course, the James Taylor influence is unmistakable, but I didn't really set out to imitate him who is one of the greatest Singer-Songwriters. I recorded with my Taylor acoustic guitar for the first time and will be my standard guitar for recording and performing from now on! The sound is unbelievable! I tried to write a song based on the male perspective regarding relationships. Men do feel and long for love even when we don't realize it. For the men who are reading this, haven't you ever thought of someone so much romantically but were afraid of exposing your true feelings? I hope I succeeded in capturing what I have certainly felt from time to time and I also hope that the song is relatable :). BKT

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