Bass Reeves: An Unsung American Hero

Hello! Thanks for coming back to my website. For those who have come to my sight before, you know that my new CD, The Raven Trail, is inspired by a fictional character I created who lived in the latter part of the 19th Century in the  American Wild West. This week's entry, which can be found in my SHORT STORIES section, is about a man that actually existed named Bass Reeves. It is unfortunate that many people have never heard of him, but he was the first African American appointed as a sheriff in the West. I wrote a short story that is loosely based upon one of his many adventures. It is also a little known fact that his arrest record FAR EXCEEDED Wyatt Earp's with over 5,000 fugitives apprehended. Also, he rode a white horse at times, had an Indian scout, wore disguises, and left behind silver coins as his trademark. Sound familiar? Most historians and scholars agree that he may very well be the prototype and inspiration for the fictional character, The Lone Ranger! Mr. Reeves was also an expert shot and spoke many Indian dialects. One of these days, I will write a song about him, but for now, I've included an original story in tribute to this extraordinary individual who not only deserves a well-made movie about his life, but far more public exposure. Once again, check out the story in the SHORT STORIES section! BKT :)

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