Back in the USA

Well, I'm back in America and I must say that I had a blast in Germany and France! One of my favorite music spots in Karlsruhe, Scruffy's, was absolutely delightful and it was fun getting to know new people and meeting new fans! And what can I say about Paris? It is truly one of the most beautiful cities in the world and the Parisians could not have been friendlier! Now that I have refreshed my batteries, I'm already making new plans for the upcoming year. For example, I will record some new songs to accompany remastered and reimagined songs of mine from the past and of course, like all of my work, I intend to play all of the instruments save for one or two. The project will be called "The Byron Taylor Songbook" which will consist of what I feel is my very best work. I've also asked the opinions of fans, friends, family, and perfect strangers feedback and the CD will be a result of my research. I'm thrilled to start a new project as well as continuing my Fiction writing.After all, I love to write short stories and novels just as much as writing songs. Well, that's all for now! Take care! BKT :)

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