Why I have always loved Star Trek

I am so thrilled that the new Star trek movie is doing so well! I feel that this movie, which I saw with my brother yesterday at an IMAX theater, TRULY represents what the franchise is all about: action, intrigue, a hint of sex, humor, and drama that sometimes goes to an operatic level. I LOVE the new cast! They obviously put a lot of time into studying the classic Trek cast even down to their mannerisms! (Notably, Karl Urban, of "Lord Of the Rings" fame, has the late great Deforest Kelley's Leonard "Bones" Mccoy character down to a tee!) Anyway, I have loved Star Trek ever since I was a boy and Captain Kirk has always been my favorite. Unlike Picard, he is the rogue adventurer, the symbol of rebellion against the stiff, and oftentimes, didactic Federation. Picard was more of a diplomat, but Kirk CLEARLY is a warrior personified which would explain Lt. Worf's exclamation in a time-travel DS9 episode where he and the crew go back to the classic "Trouble With Tribbles" episode": "It would be an honor to meet him". Even Klingons admit that Kirk reminds them of their warrior spirit! Also, I think that Trek at its best represents hope for a future where different races can put aside their differences, working towards a common goal of peace and understanding. We could learn a lot from that model of behavior. As a musician, I see that music brings people together also; that is why I am proud to be a musician.BKT

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