"The Raven Trail" CD

Hey gang! Now that I am back talking about music, I want to give you a little more insight into what I ahve planned for my next project. It will definitely be called "The Raven Trail" and I will try to incorporate elements that go back to my folk and country roots. My family is originally from the lovely Tarheel state of North Carolina, so naturally I love the indigenous parts of it like beautiful nature, great barbecue AND country/folk music. But here's the rub: since I plan to finish my Master's degree in Dublin, Ireland starting early next year, I want to show the relationship between indigenous American music and Irish music. I have always felt that the two compliment each other because they both share wonderful virtues. First, I want to use more more solo violin for certain songs and also I may even play mandolin in this record! It will be much more organic than the last project, of which I am proud, and include even such instruments as the Irish instrument, the bodhran which is a hand held, small drum played with a mallet. Historically, it has been used as a battle drum for past wars. When I hear Celtic music, oftentimes I think that it has similarities to Jazz because of the free style nature of the music and its organic makeup reminds me of Folk and Country. I will try and use these features in the new CD and I have finished writing a few of the new songs and I am quite happy with them. Amidst current romantic heartbreak, plans for my future, and constant writing, the floodgates of my creativity have been reopened. Simply, I try to write and record the best material I can and I hope that you will like my new musical offering once it is completed. I plan to start recording next month and will finish it up in the Emerald Isle. I look forward to sharing future thoughts and experiences with you about this process. In the meantime, feel free to pick up my current release, "Dreamwalk"!:) BKT

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