Prince: Forever an Icon

I remember when my brother brought an album home one day with this cool-looking brother with a big Afro and asking,"Who is that?" and in his usual cool aplomb, he said, " I read in Billboard about this guy from Minneapolis who played EVERY instrument as well as wrote, arranged, and produced all of his songs on his debut album." We listened to it and I was amazed! Of course, his name was Prince. From that moment on I want to hear everything that he ever recorded and I did. He inspired me to learn how to play every single musical instrument I could put my hands on and to this day I still follow that idea. I am very sad about his passing. He was a true icon and legend. He was a true genius despite self-acclimations from certain artists whom shall remain nameless. Anyway, I just wanted to say that he influenced me reply and I miss him very much. Much love from BKT:)xoxo

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