Once again, Sorry for the Delay...

Hello! I have a lot of things planned for this month to share with you all! I am working on a new project which willl definitely be an EP, but a unique one: in between full-fledged songs, I will have musical vignettes that relate to the concept of the CD. It will be called "The Raven Trail" as opposed to my other title, "Time is the River". Also, I am also working on finalizing my third and last draft of a Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel I wrote many years ago and plan on creating two more sequels. It will be a trilogy but not of Tolkienesque size: more C.S. Lewis , if you catch my drift. The Instruments of the Orchestra series will be finished this month, and I will give you my views on the fascinating Hellboy series as well as updates on the forthcoming EP, so stick around guys: there is MUCH more to come from me!:) BKT

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