More about the Vocals

You know, ever since I came to Ireland, I have felt stronger and stronger as not only an instrumentalist but as a vocalist as well. I do enjoy hearing peple tell me that that enjoy how I sing, admittedly. However, I must credit my vocal style not only to the influence of the great Stevie Wonder but also someone whom you may or may not know, the lead vocalist of the sadly defunct group, Mr. Mister: Richard Page.When the "Welcome to the Real World" album came out, it had three smash hit songs: " Kyrie Eleison", "Is it Love" and of course, the wonderfully ubiquitous "Broken Wings". It still is one of my all time favorite Pop albums because, in my opinion, EVERY song is a KILLER! I could not get over the beautiful artistry of that record: the arrangements, expert musicianship,the excellent songwriting, production, and the vocals. It was at a time when I feel that my voice was changing and I sang alot and trained my voice listening to that record. Mr. Page's reverence for MELODY influenced me to have the same. My mom, who wasn't a musician, gave me the most important lesson of all as a singer: "It ain't singing if you CAN'T understand the words". My mother was an exceptional woman for many reasons and I miss her every day. In fact, this blog, as well as my career, is dedicated to her because she had seen me grow as a singer PERSONALLY. She never told me to stop playing that record! She just smiled. I lost her 4 years ago to cancer and wherever I may go in life, her memory always stays with me. Mr. Page is the OTHER big vocal influence besides Mr. Wonder. His phrasing, careful breathing, and enunciation of words have helped me to become a better singer and if I ever get to meet him, I want to thank him for showing me how to be a good singer. Naturally, nothing beats proper vocal instruction but since I could not afford it, he was the next best thing as far as learning. BKT P.S. The preproduction for the new project is underway and I PROMISE that this will be the most vocally-centered and acoustic guitar-oriented CD ever from me!:)

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