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Byron Keith Taylor: News and Forum

New CD Update! - October 23, 2016

Hey gang! I mentioned in my last post that I intended to wrap up production for my new CD in late November, but guess what? it's wrapping up instead in early November instead! Post-production will last until early December. I'm very pleased that everything is going so well! Take care and keep coming back for more!:)BKT

Late November Wrap-Up - October 3, 2016

Hello and welcome back! The new project is progressing smoothly and I expect to finish production in late November and start post-production in early December.I go back in the studio for another big session next week.Last week's session was absolutely marvelous and I have chosen the opening song for the CD. It's called, Another Door, which is one of the new songs I've written in the theme of this project which is courage and positivity. Take care!:)BKT

Excited about the new CD! - September 27, 2016

Hello! I have another big session scheduled for this Friday and I am looking forward to working with new engineering talent along with continuing my musical journey with my favorite engineer, Brian Cid. I've also hired the same graphic artist that designed The Raven Trail CD and wait till you see what it will look like! As I've stated in the earlier entry, the new CD, Tales from Worldhaven, should be finished and ready by Christmas. Please come back for more info and entries here as well as in the Fiction page (if you haven't checked it out yet, feel free!). Take care!BKT:)

Christmas Release - September 19, 2016

Hello! I just want to give me fans and new visitors an update on my new CD, Tales From Worldhaven. I just confirmed the year's remaining recording schedule and it looks like it will be a Christmas release for sure! I'm looking forward to sharing my new music with all of you; Take care and see you soon!:)BKT

Thanks for the Support!:) - September 9, 2016

While I am in the middle of working on a new CD project, I want to thank my new followers who are giving my website rave reviews! I have never been busier not only working on new music, but getting my stories in shape for hopeful publication!Please keep coming back for more music news, stories, and such! My new CD, Tales from Worldhaven(inspired by the third book I am writing), will be closer to completion by the end of the month!BKT :)

Getting Closer to the Finish Line:) - August 19, 2016

Hi there! I've been hard at work on the new CD, like I posted earlier, and it is three big sessions away from being finished! I hope you keep coming back for more news because this is only the beginning!:)BKT

Half Way There - July 18, 2016

Good news! By next week, I will reach the half way mark for the new CD that I'm working on, "Tales from Worldhaven," and it is exceeding my expectations. I always strive to release my best material at a given time, and this project will be no different. I believe that artists should always challenge themselves and I have tread upon ground so far that has been hitherto undiscovered which is one of my greatest joys during this recording process. I can tell you that the new songs will cover topics from brotherhood to self awareness. I can also promise you that I will do my best to make it it a truly special CD! In the meantime, please feel free to enjoy the songs from my past EP, "The Raven Trail," that is based upon the novella I wrote with the same name.  There are even excerpts from the book on this website, so check out the Fiction section here! Take care!BKT:)

Another Update - June 30, 2016

Hey gang! Production is well under way for the new CD; so far, there are three songs already formatted and recorded and I'm really happy with the project so far. Already, I can tell you is that it will be stylistically different from my previous CD, "The Raven Trail" (which will still be available through this site and other major social media). I even have a new cat! In the next post, I will tell you all about some of the new songs, so keep your eyes peeled! Don't forget to check out my original fiction which ranges from Steampunk to superheroes!:)BKT

CD Update - June 10, 2016

Hello! I just want to give you an update on the new CD: all is moving smoothly and I plan to release it on Christmas Day. I look forward to sharing my new music with all of you:).As aforementioned, the songs will be loosely based on a new book I have been writing about the Steampunk realm I invented. Take care and come back for more news!:) BKT

P.S. I just adopted a new kitten and named her Cupcake:).

New Recording Date - May 23, 2016

Hello! I have been busy writing new songs as well as new fiction and I start work on my new EP on June 15th, so I'm really excited. Writing songs and stories are synonymous with my creative life and I feel privileged to explore both areas. I want to encourage anyone reading this blog to never settle and pursue what makes you the happiest:). BKT

Prince: Forever an Icon - April 21, 2016

I remember when my brother brought an album home one day with this cool-looking brother with a big Afro and asking,"Who is that?" and in his usual cool aplomb, he said, " I read in Billboard about this guy from Minneapolis who played EVERY instrument as well as wrote, arranged, and produced all of his songs on his debut album." We listened to it and I was amazed! Of course, his name was Prince. From that moment on I want to hear everything that he ever recorded and I did. He inspired me to learn how to play every single musical instrument I could put my hands on and to this day I still follow that idea. I am very sad about his passing. He was a true icon and legend. He was a true genius despite self-acclimations from certain artists whom shall remain nameless. Anyway, I just wanted to say that he influenced me reply and I miss him very much. Much love from BKT:)xoxo

About Mom - April 19, 2016

Hello everyone! I have been so busy writing new Fiction, writing new songs, recording,and just keeping myself in creative mode that I haven't had the chance to come back to my home forum, so here I am! This has also been a heartbreaking month for me because ten years ago, I lost my beautiful mother, Jean Taylor, to breast cancer. I wonder what she would have thought of Trump's presidential campaign, Hillary's momentous pitch for the White House, the new Star Wars movie, Bernie Sanders, terrorist attacks abroad, and even the Food network (which I admittedly love). She probably would have accompanied her opinions with an optimistic fervor for which she was unabashedly famous in my family. She never shirked away from candor. Anyway, she was the one who put me on the path to being a creative writer; I thank her to this day for not buying me that Sesame Street Grover hand Muppet and bought me books instead. I think it was definitely a fair trade. She must have seen how much I enjoyed reading everything from Homer to Dr. Strange comic books at 13. I would often huddle over books on my bed while the TV flashed images of Fonzie thumbs ups on the Happy Days show and Captain Kirk flirtations with alien women who had no choice but to succumb to his overwhelming id. I think that Freud would have just loved Captain Kirk. Anyway, my mom taught me not only to just dream, but to act on them. There would be no Byron Keith Taylor website,no three Master's degree (she always pushed me to go back to school; guess I got carried away), no short stories, no Steampunk and History Fantasy novels, no brother, no education, and certainly no Byron Keith Taylor without her. Thanks for everything Mom because I know that you're reading this blog in Heaven. I miss you. xoxo

New Entries for the Fiction Page - March 31, 2016

Hello! I've included a few more entries for the Fiction page which include a Batman poem I wrote for my graduate studies a few years ago that was published in tribute to the new movie, "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." As always, keep a look out for more stories, blogs, and new music to come! BKT

New Studio Date - March 9, 2016

Hello! I've been busy writing a lot of new music as well as Fiction; now I have an official  starting date for my new CD project: March 30th! I'm looking forward to going back to the studio because I'm itching for all of you to eventually hear what I've been up to! It should be fun and I'm already getting great feedback from my brother who has already heard some pre-production on my keyboard workstation:). Thanks for coming back and there is more information to come!BKT:)

Update - February 12, 2016

Hi guys! It looks like my recording date has been pushed up a week later, but the new CD is definitely happening! Please keep coming back for further updates and a new entry is coming to the Fiction page very soon!:)BKT

Back In The Saddle Again - January 30, 2016

Hey there! Thank you for all of your support for my CD, "The Raven Trail." It is still available here or on Apple iTunes for purchase and review. I go back to the studio on March 3rd to start the follow-up CD, "Tales from Worldhaven." Hope you are all having a wonderful day and I will return soon with more Fiction to read and stories to share!:)BKT

Happy Holidays! - December 25, 2015

Merry Xmas to all of you and your families! BKT:)

Update - November 27, 2015

Hi! I hope everyone here had a great Thanksgiving! The music for the new CD is almost finished as far as the writing. I will still heavily promote "The Raven Trail" in the meantime:). Keep coming back for more updates! BKT:)

Writing New Material - November 3, 2015

As a writer, it is always imperative to stay fresh and keep busy. I'm writing new material for an EP I plan to release sometime next year so keep coming back for more info, surprises, and more original fiction in the SHORT STORIES section. Take care!:)BKT  

Spongy - October 16, 2015

Hello. Today is a very sad day for me because I just came from the vet with a heavy heart because my cat, Spongy, whom I've had for nine glorious years, just passed away this morning. The only comfort I have is that he is no longer suffering from his affliction. He was a dear friend, family member, and loving companion. He would sit on my lap while I was at the keyboard writing music and was always close by whenever I was in front of my laptop writing my stories and novels. I'm back home now and it seems emptier. He is in my Photo Gallery, so please take a look at this beautiful Mainecoon cat who gave me so many years of joy and love.Spongy will always be in my heart and mind forever. I miss him terrribly. BKT:(

Here's the Article! - October 14, 2015

Hello! I decided to show you the article that the Clinton Chronicle newspaper wrote about me and my latest efforts:

Byron Keith Taylor's Latest CD

Catching Up With A Busy Hell's Kitchen Artist

By Spoons, Saloon Columnist

Not long ago, back in the dog days of summer, I needed a quick cold one so I popped into Rudy's Bar and Grill at 44th and 9th, I mean, where else can you get a cold, refreshing Bud for just $3?

As I evaded the onset of heat prostration, I saw a familiar face at the bar, deep in conversation with several other people. Could it be? Was that...Byron? Yes it was and we greeted each other warmly. Had it really been over TEN YEARS since we wrote about Byron here in Clinton Chronicle? Yup! "So, uh, what you been up to?" I asked... "Not much,Byron said. "I just received my third Master's degree, which is in English and Creative Writing, from Southern New Hampshire University.I want to go for my PhD starting next year as well." 

"And you?" Byron asked. But your MUSIC, I said deftly changing the subject...I asked Byron about his music. Since Byron is a well-known Hell's Kitchen performer, he has been writing songs since the age of 12, I asked if anything was happening there.

And that's when I learned about the new CD "The Raven Trail." It sounded great! So I asked Byron to send me some info for the readers. Here's a rundown of the tracks:

(1) Beautiful: This song was written a few years ago as a homage to a man loving a woman without any hidden agendas or schemes. I wanted the song structure to be simple and the lyrics direct and concise.

(2) I Need You Now: I wrote this song when I was just 15 years old. Just like "Beautiful," I played all of the instruments on this one. In fact, I sang all of the vocals and arranged and produced every track on the entire EP.

(3) Come with Me: This song was fun to write and record. It's what I call Wagnerian Pop because the story is inspired by the Flying Dutchman legend where a sailor is doomed for eternity to roam the seas until he finds a woman who is willing to love him forever.I'm often inspired by myths and legends in my work.My first CD, "Castle of Dreams," was inspired by Arthurian legends and archetypes.

(4) Promises: This song is derived from the basic narrative of the second book I wrote which bears the same name as the title of the CD, "The Raven Trail,"which is the story of an African-American male who was raised by Cherokee Indians to become one of the last great chiefs during the latter part of the 19th century. it was an idea I had after reading the book, "Black Indians" by William Loren Katz. One of the great missing chapters in American history is the close relationship between African-Americans and Native Americans especially during the post Civil War years and this is my way of respecting that often-ignored fact.

(5) The Raven Trail: I'm very proud of this song because it's what prompted me to write the novel about my fictional character, Raven, or Kaw La Na (in Cherokee). It's unique in my catalogue of songs because the verse part is in 3/4 while the chorus part is in 4/4 time signature.

Bonus Tracks:

(1) The Little Things: Inspired by the book "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff" by Richard Carlson. (2) Christine Marie: Written for my girlfriend's recent birthday and is a sneak peek for the next project I plan to work on next year.

For info on this CD and everything else this human dynamo does, go to The visit will be rewarding!

I hope that you agree with him that my site is rewarding and I hope you come back for more music, fiction, and news!BKT:)

The Clinton Chronicle - October 10, 2015

Hello! I'm honored and privileged to be featured in NYC's Hell Kitchen paper, The Clinton Chronicle, this month! I will upload the article for those outside of the NYC area to read.Keep coming back for an update!:)BKT

The Raven Trail Novella - September 27, 2015

Hey guys! My last entry was about the mythology behind the CD, but what about the book I wrote with the same name? As far as I'm concerned, the novella is a natural extension of the song and CD because I felt that more background was necessary for my fictional characters. The Raven, or Kaw La Na as he was called in actual Cherokee, was an African-American man who was raised by Cherokee Indians from my made-up Yona(Bear) tribe. This group originated from the tribe that avoided the Indian Removal in the 1830's and was led by the legendary leader, Yonaguska, head of the Eastern Band of Indians. Yonaguska actually existed and led the North Carolina Cherokee who evaded US soldiers.My fictionalization is from the first four letters of his name and I made it into a tribe that followed his legacy. My Raven character's father was named Chinmay, which in Cherokee, means wisdom. He was mentioned a few times in the song but never by name. Maybe in the back of my mind, I did that on purpose because I wanted people to find out more about the characters in another form. In the book, Raven, like his foster father, received a Christian education from an Irish priest, Father Doyle, who traveled to Indian reservations to spread the gospel. Doyle's name comes from an author whom I admire, Roddy Doyle, who wrote the Barrytown Trilogy of books which include "The Commitments." (which, of course, was made into a popular movie). There are other real life characters that show up in the book like Senator Dawes who was famous for the Dawes Act of 1887 (the year in which my story takes place) that offered Indians US citizenship if they renounced their tribes and accept assimilation into modern society, and Bass Reeves, possibly the first African-American sheriff and perhaps the finest lawman ever.Then, of course, the book talks about the real premise of the Raven's Trail, which is t protect the lost treasure from one of Columbus' ships (actually, one of his famous ships did sink during a voyage).Well, I hope that you enjoyed my blog. If you did, please check out some of the chapters from my book that I would like to be published in the near future in the SHORT STORIES section of this website. thanks for reading!:) BKT

The Mythology behind "The Raven Trail" - September 26, 2015

Hello everyone! I decided to re-post an entry I made a while ago which helps explain the genesis of my current project since many people ask me about the true meaning of the songs, so here goes:

I thought I'd take this moment and share with you some of the background behind the songs on my new EP, The Raven Trail. The first two songs, Beautiful and I Need You Now are simple, basic love songs that I have had in my 400+ song catalog that I have written over the years. I was happy to dust them off and breathe new life into them for this project.

As for the third song, Come With Me, it is the direct product of my desire to write a song that is loosely based upon the Flying Dutchman legend. I'm a huge Wagner fan (the music, not the man) and I've always loved Der Fliegender Hollander (The Flying Dutchman in German) as an opera. it was the true beginning of Wagner's maturation as a composer and the music is simply beautiful. I was introduced to it while I was studying composition and orchestration under my great teacher and former Nadia Boulanger student, Thea Musgrave, who is very well-known in today's Classical music world.

Anyway, I've always wanted to write a Pop song that was based upon the Dutchman, so I wrote a new version of the legend where a magician actually placed a curse upon the sailor because of an indiscretion with his wife, so he was doomed to sail aimlessly on the oceans of the world until he learned the true meaning of love. Since I also write fantasy novels, it was a natural transition for me to construct a story for the song which leads me to the remaining two songs, Promises and The Raven Trail.

I wrote the title song first (which started the whole project) after talking to someone about how I wanted to write a song about the connection between African-Americans and Native Americans well after the Civil War in America. Then, as if it were God-sent (which I believe it was), I heard the first verses in my head and immediately wrote them down. I went home and finished the entire song in 20 minutes. Talk about inspiration! I wound up creating the Raven character as a personification of my idea and crafted this story around him as a Black child raised by Indians. I was so inspired by the song that I decided to take it a step further and wrote a novel with the same title. Currently, I'm revising it for a final draft (if there ever is such a thing in writing fiction :)).

Finally, the song, Promises, is a direct musical representation of a scene from the novel where Kaw La Na (which means Raven in Cherokee) is making a speech to a tribe for more unity. The Raven in Native American folklore  is a powerful symbol. It is a bird that stands for metamorphosis and self-revelation. My character in both the songs and the upcoming book stands for the same things. Please feel free to comment on anything I have said in this post; I welcome your input and thanks for letting me share with you my vision:) BKT

Happy Labor Day! - September 7, 2015

I want to wish everyone a happy Labor Day and keep coming back because I have quite a few things up my sleeve!:)

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