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Byron Keith Taylor: Music

The Raven Trail

(Byron Keith Taylor)
July 19, 2014
Byron Keith Taylor

Born in 1865,

My family killed, I'm left alive

Carried from a wagon bed

After many thieves lay dead

An Indian chief soon called me son

He taught me how to shoot a gun

My skin is dark

He did not care

Soon, I'm a legend everywhere


Tell me who hasn't heard about the Raven Trail

Is it true that the children know it well?

I must do all I can to guard the secret way,

But if I fail, don't forget the Raven Trail

Across North Carolina plains,

It hugs the earth, kisses the rain

The sun melts fast upon the snow

Soon it will be time to go

My foster father had been claimed

By a soldier's deadly aim

My wife bore me my only child

Upon the slopes deep in the wild


Do you remember the path to the mountain of gold?

Its trail was named after me

An invincible army must do what they're told

While we fight to stay free