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Byron Keith Taylor:

A Superhero Sestina

Posted on March 31, 2016 with 0 comments


This is a poem I wrote based upon the complicated form of a sestina, which is one of the most challenging, by far.


The Super Hero Olympics Highlight Reel


In Athens, Greece the games had finally started

and were looked upon with appreciation and great marvel.

Titans like Superman and the Hulk had their mighty strength tested

after Tony Stark had lobbied for them at Washington, DC.

Crime fighters from both brands met to determine friendly superiors

in the first Super Olympiad and to spread common understanding.


Instead of Five Circles, on carried flags were the insignias of  DC

and the other company known as Marvel.

For the superheroes knew that even they had superiors

To whom they had to answer; sometimes they were testy

with some story lines that defied any kind of understanding.

So they came to our world for an unbiased start.


Batman and Iron Fist fought almost to a draw but Marvel

did not win; the Dark Knight had better martial understanding.

The Flash ran against Quicksilver 'round the world with surprising decency

and came first to the Parthenon where their race had started.

Azrael fenced with Wolverine but his skill was too tested;

A former replacement for Batman was not guaranteed superiority.


Green Arrow and Hawkeye were simply just marvelous

till a stunning upset was won by a cheerful DC.

The strangest tennis match ever had started.

At a double fault, Reed Richards had at first fiercely misunderstood

the ruling in Plastic Man's favor... a stretch of an elongated hand, he acknowledged his superior.

However, the audience's patience throughout the match was thoroughly tested.


Ghost Rider and Robin biked up mountain paths near wine-dark, deep seas

And a flaming skull posed next to statues of ancient marble.

Pinned by a three-count was Green Lantern who had stated

That Spiderman's skill on the mat was superior.

Wonder Woman won many accolades understandably

In the Decathlon against Spider Woman instead of Ms. Marvel.


She-Hulk and Sue Richards against Batgirl and Harley Quinn; what a marvel!

Separated by a net on a beach near Homeric waters that humbled Lake Superior

And by the new dynamic duo, even the Invisible Girl's resolve had been tested

towards defeat with She-Hulk notwithstanding.

In tribute to Bucky who was now deceased,

Captain America won Gold in gymnastics; pounded on his starred chest.


In our world where being different is considered a disease,

These fine superheroes show that our attitudes can be superior

If only we would strive for more common understanding.